Online Digital Advertising Ad Format


  • Banner Ads: Banner ads are a short textual or graphical representation to promote a service or a product. Banner ad is an object on the webpage. It provides a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website, Banner ad allows the users to open the advertiser’s website as and when they click them, It provides information and at the same time persuades the buyer to buy the product.
  • Interstitial Ad: Interstitial advertisements open in users’ own browser window when they click on a link to open new web page. This ad would appear for few moments until the intended webpage gets loaded. Most interstitial ads would close automatically and allow the intended page and opens in a new browser window.
  • Pop-up Ad: Pop-up ad appears as a separate and on in its own window. The user opens or closes a web page the event gets triggered and the pop-up ad is displayed. Generally, pop-up-ads are considered quite irritating and annoying. The in-build settings in browsers can block such pop-up ads.
  • Coupons: Some promotions and companies offer their members discount coupons which they can print and use for both online and offline modes for purchase. Coupons motivate customer to save money and enjoy discounts when they shop. When customers click on a particular coupon, it is easy for the marketer to know what type of products the customers is interested in.
  • Reward Programme: When customer purchase product over the internet, they are awarded reward points. Once all the reward points get accumulated, it can be used for purchasing a product in the future. The core idea behind this offering of reward points is to motivate customers to make huge purchases and earn more and more reward points to get more benefits.
  • Pay per advertising view: Companies pay customer to view their advertisements. Although this is considered as a contradiction to the whole marketing concept, it seems to yield good result at times. Companies like CyberGold are good
  • E-mail: The main reason for companies choosing to advertise with E-mail si because they are almost free of cost; Mass marketing e-mail creates mostly negative response and solicited e-mail are mostly well received by customers. The Email ads offer advantages such as Remarkably educated and affluent audience, Massive reach, Unparalleled targeting, Rich media branding, Real-time tracking, Lead generation, and direct sales.
  • Tracking: The responses of viewers to the ad or e-mail could be tracked by placing files called “Cookies” on the viewer’s computer. Although the privacy laws change from country to country; it helps an advertiser receiveinfo on what type of consumers are responding to different offers. Also to know the kind of offers that would evoke generally good response.

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