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A much needed standard released by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab, ads.txt. It aims to improve operational transparency in programmatic advertising ecosystem, for both web and desktop inventory. With the assistance of ads.txt ensure that your digital inventory is sold only to sellers who have been identified as authorized sellers. This will provide advertisers of a DSP to target the right, eligible inventory that includes an ads.txt file.

Majority of the publishers in the digital landscape have already started to implement ads.txt, major buyers in the industry are leaning towards web inventory that is protected by ads.txt. To stop DSPs from acknowledging bids request from unauthorized ID, it is essential that they collect aggregated ads.txt.

Aggregated App ads

ads.txt benefits

ads.txt is the perfect solution to eliminate ad fraud, cripple the practise of domain spoofing and to reduce erratic inventory. ads.txt plays an imperative part in delivering precise and clear reports to clients and will drastically reduce media spends on fraudulent inventory. With numerous benefits, Ads.txt will abet in improving your performance from every aspect of operation.

  • Ensure impression validity and quality of ad inventory.
  • Restrict unauthorized traffic sales and counterfeiting.
  • DSPs can bid only on authorized inventory.
  • Authorized inventory sale from authorized sellers guaranteed.
  • DSPs and buyers can be assured of proper inventory purchase from the authorized seller.
  • Inventory without ads.txt declarations won’t be delivered and so this increases the price of CPMs for the premium content.

Need for Aggregated ads.txt

Publishers will list all the sellers who are authorized to sell their inventory and DSPs will be provided required information on each domain before they bid request. When a request is received for mobile web or desktop pages through programmatic adserver, ad buyers or DSPs can always verify it with ads.txt file. Therefore if the RTB bid request matches the entry for the seller in the ads.txt file, they can bid on it.

So this Aggregated ads.txt gives the clear information on all the authorized sellers in a single request. So Ad buyers will be able to fetch the large quantity of structured ads.txt files from a large subset of domains on the web as a consolidated quality file.

How dJAX can help you?

A publisher would create an Ads.txt file listing their authorized sellers and place it in the root domain of their website. We crawl each domain and consolidate the information with higher quality.

  • We crawl all domains, validate the content from ads.txt files and get the ads.txt files of all domains.
  • You get access a large quantity of structured ads.txt files.
  • Quality rich consolidated information at your disposal.

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