Ad Operations

Ad operation help publishers manage ad campaigns and increase their revenue. The term ad operations is an umbrella of ad serving, optimize, target, manage, facilitate, and report the traffic and performance of the delivered ad campaigns. Ad serving has come a long way from just placing banner ads on webpages and waiting for clicks. Nowadays in ad serving everything is taken into consideration from data, demographic and various other targeting, Rich media experience to viewing options on different types of devices.

Advertising is very much essential for publishers to bring in revenue. Regardless of the site traffic, it is essential to choose a good ad server. Ad Servers & Ad Networks/Ad Exchanges are one of the main factors in Publisher’s profitable and successful survival. dJAX consultant services has served numerous clients maintain a successful business all through the years with OpenX, Revive, and dJAX Adservers. We also provide services in setting up Ad Network/Ad Exchange.

Ad Operations

With an expert technical support providing relentless service is one of our Center of Excellence.. We offer expert advice and guided support when setting up an Adserver, maintaining Revive or OpenX Adservers or optimizing the existing set up of your Ad Exchange/Ad Network.

Our services client needs in not just handling their Ad servers, Ad operations-Revive/OpenX set-up  but also provide ad operation support and optimizing as white label solutions. With over a decade of experience in the Ad serving market our product and services speak for itself. Which goes to show that dJAX is not just backed by expertise, but also experience

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