Mobile Adserver

With the mobile platform growing huge proportions in the advertising sector, marketers are keen to capitalize on this evolution. Not just marketers, but even mobile web publishers and mobile SDK developers and provider are also a part of the rush.

Mobile Adserver

dJAX Mobile Adserver pitches in to fulfill the ad serving requirements of marketers and publishers alike. Putting into use the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) publishers can easily sell their ad inventories to advertisers or marketers who are looking to buy ad spaces to display their creative.

  • Advertisers can deliver the latest and traditional ad formats that comply with IAB standards
  • The platform is compatible most major mobile web browser applications.
  • The platform also caters Android and iOS users.
  • Acts as a digital hub that brings Supply-side(Publishers) and demand-side(Advertiser).
  • For mobile SDK the platform supports the latest ad formats which differ from the traditional ads as they are delivered in different mobile apps.

There are a handful of mobile ad network providers in the market, but choosing dJAX Ad Server products has its perks;

You get

  • Ad inventory management
  • Precise tracking and accurate targeting
  • Fraud click detection
  • Real-time stats and reporting
  • Deliver almost all IAB standard ad formats
  • White label solutions helps build brand identity
  • Boost in the conversion rates

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