Display Adserver

dJAX Display Adserver is an ad serving solution for display advertising with enhanced features to set up Ad Network. Premium Display Ad server enables all the users of an ad network (admin, publishers and advertisers) to simplify their ad operations, helps them to communicate with one another and manage, serve and report on their digital ad campaigns of all formats in real time with pre-integrated targeting features.

Display Adserver

Here are some key features of dJAX display ad server are laid out below

Platform Reporting- To track whole statistics

Platform Reporting is a tool that provides transparency report of entire ad network process and that helps to analyze and optimize the overall ad network performance. Administrator can now view the customized statistical report using the different conversion metrics, filters and groups by choosing options.

Inventory Management- To manage whole inventories

It has highly scalable inventory management system to manage both advertiser and publisher by admin. The system provides simple inventory management by giving a clear picture of the list of advertiser, publisher and the campaigns and zones associated with them respectively.

Revenue Reporting System- To make more revenue with less bid rate

The Revenue Reporting System lets the admin to analyze the payment/revenue and gives a quick overview about the amount spend by the advertiser and paid to the publishers. Also this report is designed in a way that it gives you a clear understanding about the overall revenue and costs over a time period.

Manual Linking- Reach your match deliver

Manual Linking enables to link the creative to the available and relevant zones although the server engine does this task automatically, administrator or an advertiser can able to link manually to any available zone.

Optimized Database- To reach specific and intended audience

Our optimized database has the capability to handle 10 million impressions per day. The database is designed to handle high volume ad traffic and also crash- and attack-resistant.

Custom Size Creative- To create tailor-made ads

Flexibility to support different sizes of ad units; It lets you to create your own personalized banners for your campaigns; this makes the creative to fit perfectly to the ad space in the publisher website.

Fraud Clicks Detection- To analyze and segregate fraud clicks

The platform is integrated with advanced fraud click technology that lets you to identify the click fraud occurrence with real time filter that continually filters out invalid clicks in your online campaign and also helps in eliminating fraud click counts.

Demographic Targeting- To reach your focus group of audience

Demographic Targeting lets you to reach the right audience based on their age, gender, and profile and helps in getting valid ad traffic to your campaign. For example, targeting movie related ads to the male users with age group between 15 and 30.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Real Time Bidding lets you to optimize your online advertising campaign by programmatic buying. RTB lets you to sale an inventory or purchase the impression through a bidding system and it ensures that each inventory is sold at the highest price.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting lets advertiser to deliver the ads based on the location of the end user. Geo Targeting works based on the country, province/state, city, zip code and Latitude/Longitude metrics. The ads are delivered focusing on the criteria chosen by the advertiser.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping allows the advertisers to limits the ad visibility to every unique visitor to the site, resulting in increased return to the advertiser for every ad.

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