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Revive Adserver being an open-source advertising server which is licensed under the GNU General Public License. This would feature integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering stats. It used to be known under different names in the past, most recently as OpenX Source. In Sep 2013, OpenX Source was sold and rebranded Revive Adserver. The current code base for OpenX Enterprise and Revive Adserver (formerly known as OpenX Source) are completely separate entities.

Boost up your Revive and OpenX experience with the revive plug-ins offered by A unified hub to find the ideal solutions to enhance your revive ad server functioning. Make the most of the open source platform with our enhanced revive ad server plug-ins.

This ad serving platform enables web administrators to rotate banners from both in-house ad campaigns as well as from paid or third-party sources, such as Google Adsense. Revive Adserver provides standard banner rotation, click tracking, zone-based ad selection, zone-based campaign targeting, direct ad selection, ad targeting (per browser, domain, language) ad capping and support for Flash banners.

Campaigns, Real-time bidding and exchanges

Users can create advertisers, campaigns and advertisements using the Revive Adserver. It can be internal campaigns or campaigns from direct advertisers, but also ads from external ad networks like Google AdSense, from affiliate networks, or from advertisers and agencies that use systems like DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA). Nowadays, more and more ad space is filled using real time bidding, by means of exchanges such as AppNexus or the Google DoubleClick AdExchange.

Ad zones

In Revive Adserver , users can define websites, and also one or more zones for each website. A zone represents a space on the web pages where ads are supposed to be displayed. For every zone there is a little snippet of HTML code, which must be placed in the site, at the exact spot where the zone should go. This forms the integration between the site and Revive Adserver . It is a one time job that will take little time for an experienced webmaster or developer.

Ad targeting functionalities

Linking the right campaigns to the right zones, effectively determining which ads will appear where is the final step. This can be combined with various forms of targeting, matching the display of ads to specific situations. Revive Adserver can handle targeting based on date, day of week and hour of day, geographic area (country or city, and more), web browser used by the visitor, and language set by the visitor, to name just a few. There are also advanced targeting options, using known information about members or customers.

Accurate Stats and reporting

Revive Adserver measures how often ads are displayed and clicked, and has reports for these metrics plus ad revenue, for the publisher, advertiser and webmaster. It also has functionality to measure conversions, leads or transactions on the advertiser’s website that occur as a result on a click on a banner that was displayed on the publisher’s site.

Enhancement plugins for Revive Adserver

dJAX provides enhancement plugins to enrich you revive experience. Choose from 300+ pluigns across various categories and functionalities. You can choose either single domain, double domain and also along with the source code. A one stop shop for all your plugin needs.

We provide custom Adserver plugin development based on the client’s requirement and preferences. Also we provide integration with existing adservers. Along with this users also get consulting services, constant upgrades, prompt after sales service and tech support.


  • 300+ Plug-ins for Revive Adserver
  • Plug-ins for OpenX adserver
  • Enhance ad server functionality
  • Cost-effective enhancements
  • Advanced targeting plug-ins
  • Deliver latest IAB ad type releases
  • On-demand custom work plug-ins
  • Latest version update compatibles
  • Adheres to IAB guidelines
  • Single/double domain & Source code

Why choose dJAX?

  • Understanding requirements: The client relations directly get in touch with the customer and have a brief discussion to understand their requirements.
  • Analysis: An expert technical team now tags in, breaks down the complete issue and brainstorms for solution and create an outline and share a demo of the platform with the clients.
  • Determining right solutions: A comprehensive feedback is received from the client, custom changes and expert suggestions are included in loop with the client.
  • Product maintenance: We provide tech support and maintenance after the product delivery. Our manuals and user guides will aid the users in ease of access. We also offer on-request paid expert support to our clients even after the delivery.

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