Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchange, a tech platform created to facilitate the transaction, transfer and trade of digital or Cryptocurrencies for flat money, traditional currencies or other Cryptocurrencies. Unlike other exchanges crypto exchanges are not bound by any borders or jurisdiction. However there are a handful of compliances these crypto exchanges come under. In most ways it is similar to the stock exchange or a currency exchange market. Although there are few classifications with regards to the Crypto exchanges.

Crypto Exchange

Traditional Cryptocurrency exchanges where buyers and sellers trade the Cryptocurrencies they own. In this the exchange acts as a middle man and extracts a fee or a commission for their service.

Cryptocurrency brokers who are more like the PoS in the offline or online segment where in the Cryptocurrency bought from the particular broker can be traded;

dJAX offers the following services

  • Crypto exchange creation
  • Crypto exchange consulting
  • Crypto exchange custom works

Here are a few of the many reasons to create your own crypto exchange

  • Most Cryptocurrencies have a strong line of defence against inflation. As the quantity or unit of the virtual currency is limited to a certain number by the creator or issuer. Thus the exchange rates are fixed based on the demand to supply ratio in the international markets.
  • Also the decentralized nature of the Cryptocurrencies means that these exchanges can operate on a user to user basis. It is not controlled and manipulated by any central agency or a regulatory body.
  • As the middle men such as intermediate banks are virtually eliminated there is a visible decrease in the transaction fee. This becomes possible as there is no third party intervention.
  • Cryptocurrency mining is one of the revolutionary and profitable ways for means of a potential future investment.

Why choose dJAX?

  • Trust: dJAX offers top notch Crypto exchange solutions that are both efficient and dependable.
  • Workflow: We operate on a streamlined fashion through a fortified system and boast of dedicated departments and experts to assist and look after each phase of the project evolution from scratch to delivery.
  • Quality: Clients can always be sure of the high quality in each phase of their project development.
  • Turn-around time: We understand the value of your time and employ the best in class methodology to time our projects. We believe in offering clients much more than we commit and at a quicker pace and an effective Turnaround time. You can rest assured of zero delays.
  • Premium services: We offer the best pricing policy in the industry. We make sure you obtain the most premium services at the most economical prices.
  • Support: In addition you get the most sophisticated services associated with the integration, working and support.
  • Future ready: Keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology, we ensure that our clients possess a cutting edge over their competitors.

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