Retargeting or remarketing, a form of digital advertising that help in reminding the consumer and keeping the product they have had a look at earlier during their time in the website. The stats reveal that only 2% of the traffic would get converted in the initial or first visit. So the remaining 98% is the prime focus in retargeting.


dJAX Retargeting Solutions

dJAX Retargeting solution uses a simple cookie-based technology which implements JavaScript codes to follow the audience anonymously across the web in an ethical manner. By using the latest and best in class retargeting solutions advertisers can be sure of the ROI on their campaigns and get expected conversions and returns.

Here are the Retargeting classes available


Site Retargeting

Showing ads to people, who have visited your site, but have move with getting converted by using the user’s behaviour data in the website like shopping cart abandonment.


Social media Retargeting

Showing ads to earlier visitors during the time they spend on social media; most notably Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and the type of ad depends on the type of social media.


CRM/Email Retargeting

Sending ads and promotions over Emails to subscribers or visitors who showed intent towards a product on a website. This can be supported by first party and third party data.


Search Retargeting

Using the keywords people have searched for on search engines, the ads would be directed towards them. It isn’t necessary that the viewer should have visited the advertiser’s site earlier.


Engagement Retargeting

By observing the user’s engagement in a particular type of site, be it video streaming or flash application based sites to retarget the similar related site ads.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Contextual Retargeting

Displaying ads not on the same product or service they have searched for, but rather the related or supporting services to the particular necessity. Like a hotel flight ticket and hotel booking.

dJAX Retargeting Highlights

  • Keeps the product relevant in minds of customers
  • Uses strategic ad placement techniques
  • A wide range of Retargeting options on offer
  • Better ROI for advertisers on their marketing budget
  • Increase in conversions means increase in revenue
  • White labelling solutions to preserve your brand identity
  • Prompt after sales service and support
  • On-demand expert intervention and consultation

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