Native Adserver

dJAX Native adserver is an alternate to a rather conventional image and video advertising platform; At times when web users get tired of seeing flashy banners, pop-up ads, and interstitial ad format, this serves as a rather subtle form of advertising. Native ad is a type of content marketing where the posted creative or ad would match exactly with the editorial content published on the page of the site. Native advertising can be mostly observed in news feeds and social media sites. But the only catch with native advertising is that it does easily merge with most web page layout styles.

Native Adserver

Supported Native Ads

In-feed advertising

The in-feed advertising is divided into two types they are sponsored/content ads and in-feed promotional ads. The sponsored/content ads will reflect the content available in the feeds. The in-feed promotional ads will appear in-stream and it redirects the audience to advertiser’s website, examples for in-feed promotional ads are popular blogs and websites.

Recommendation Widgets

On most blogs/ websites at some parts every article if you encounter a widget with a heading like ‘You may also like’ or 'Recommended for you’, this is what a recommendation widget is. These are nothing but sponsored recommendations; a paid content discovery links distributed by content amplification networks. For publishers who wish to increase their audience or for marketers that are using content marketing for lead generation, recommendation widgets would benefit them immensely.

Content stream

This ad content is marked as sponsored and show-up in websites in a similar format as all other content from the publication. Most common type of creative used are image and video ads. These ads are written either by the publisher or in conjunction with the sponsoring advertiser.

How dJAX native advertising platform works

Fetching creative content from the URL (scrapping) and process of manual upload.

In native ad platform, the user has to provide the valid URL to obtain the necessary content for the ads. For example: if the valid URL is, the respective system will fetch the required content from the URL for the ad placement. If desired, the user can alter the obtained content as per their requirement.

Steps to display the native ads as a part of news feed

  •  The advertising content should be unique and it should match with the editorial content in the website.
  •  The ads should have right label as “presented by “or “sponsored by” or “paid by”.
  •  Fraud click detection

With the preference towards native advertising is steadily increasing among advertisers and publishers alike. Here are few of many reasons to choose dJAX native platform.

  •  On point ad inventory management
  •  Accurate tracking and precise targeting
  •  Well laid-out stats and clear reporting
  •  Fraud click monitoring
  •  White label solutions helps build brand identity
  •  Delivers most IAB standard ad formats
  •  A steady increase in the conversion rates

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