Demand Side Platform

Demand-side platforms or in short DSP is basically an advertiser campaign management platform providing features such as buying ad placements online in real time for advertisers. Buying an ad placement in real-time through a DSP gives advertisers the opportunity to target the intended audiences as they are browsing websites. A DSP is usually managed by an in-house marketing team, advertising agency, or an agency trading desk which specializes in real time advertising. By providing transparency into conversions and impressions, dJAX DSP help advertisers plan and spend their digital advertising budget in an efficient and effective manner. Most of the time dJAX DSP is packaged into advertiser campaign management product that can control and manage ads across mobile, search, display, social and video advertising channels. In order to purchase ads in real-time, DSP integrates with an ad exchange that serves as a marketplace for the ad inventory. Publishers use a SSP to sell their ad inventory in ad exchanges. Some DSPs can also integrate directly with SSPs to emphasis direct buys and the RTB process is not mandated.

Demand-Side Platform


  • Demand-side platform (DSP) is used to purchase digital advertising (display, video, mobile and search) in an automated way.
  • DSPs are mostly used by the advertisers and agencies which enables them to buy display, video, mobile and search ads.
  • Demand side platforms facilitate buyers with direct Real Time Bidding access across multiple sources of inventory. DSPs are directed at advertisers. It enables the buyers to get access to more publishers and then choose the best as per their requirement.
  • DSP enables advertisers to purchase impressions across a range of publisher sites, but targeted to specific users based on information such as their location and their previous browsing behaviour.
  • Now, there has to be a medium through which Ad Impressions from publishers could be made available to the buyers. Here comes the role of Ad Exchange. Publishers make their ad impressions available through marketplaces called ad exchanges and then DSPs automatically decides which of those impressions would be best suited for the advertiser to buy.
  • The price of each impression gets decided through real-time auction, a process also known real time bidding. This means there‚Äôs no need for the sales person to manually negotiate prices with buyers because the impressions get simply auctioned off to the highest bidder.


  • Work simultaneously with the SSP as dJAX DMP is designed to help advertisers manage their ad space inventory
  • DSP lets advertisers place their bids in real-time across all kinds of Ad exchanges
  • Provides an option for advertisers to choose ad inventory that is best suited and more productive
  • DSP makes sure the ads reach the intended audience with advanced targeting options
  • Creative content management, Dayparting and Frequency capping possible on a centralised system
  • Offers accurate and transparent stats on website traffic , page view lift, click-through rates and many more

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