Video Adserver

Now video ad serving is made simple with an easy to integrate and flexible platform,that can be acquired in form of white label solutions.dJAX Video Adserver acts as a unified platform for advertisers,publishers, and ad agencies.

  • Deliver a wide range of ad formats such as such as inline ads, overlay ads, companion ads and much more.
  • dJAX video platform users different delivery methods that include Progressive (HTTP), Streaming(RMTP) and Third party VAST tag.
  • Video ad formats are delivered through player that support the delivery such as JW player, HTML player and Flow player
  • Supports all the VAST versions, VAST mediation, VPAID versions, VMAP and API ad returns
Video Adsever

With the integration of the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) the ad serving becomes more of programmatic. The different attributes both physical and other attributes of the device parameters can be tracked. With the tracked information the marketers can now deliver their ads to the intended audience with the help of advanced targeting functionalities.

Here are some top of the line features delivered with our dJAX platform

  • Performance tracking- Track the entire performance related parameters of ad campaigns across the platform.
  • Precise targeting- Accurate targeting based on Location, Socio demography, Operating system, Browser, time, and few other aspects.
  • Stats and reporting- On point, live, interactive, and user friendly dashboards to monitor, analyze and record data.
  • IAB compliant- Adheres to the guidelines and delivers all type of standard ad formats.

Advertisers and publishers now have access to accurate and instant stats of campaign based on geography, environment, websites, and ad engagement. With clear insights and explicit values marketers get to know the performance of the video ads. Along with this dJAX also provides a bunch of sorting options. Ways to monetize their ad inventory is basically served on a platter to publishers. All this is delivered as a white label solution so that the users can preserve and establish their brand identity.

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