Marketing Automation Platform

dJAX marketing automation platform crafted for Marketing departments and businesses to market more efficiently on multiple digital channels such as websites, social media, Emails and other mediums. It basically automates the repetitive tasks. It refers to a plethora of marketing tools and techniques that can be automated. Tools that involve analytics other such tools implemented in Inbound marketing.

Marketing automation

The prime reason for using the automation tool is to stream line the sales and also organise the marketing with repetitive, high-touch manual processes by introducing automated and unified platforms. Using this platform marketers can plan, manage, coordinate, monitor and measure all of their online marketing campaigns in one place.

Audience grouping

Group the users into strategic segments based on the individual users’ behaviour on web across multiple channels and sites

Toggle marketing

Target strategic audience across different mediums of reach such as Email, SMS, Web push, In-app with latest offers and promotions

Personalized campaigns

Develop a comprehensive profile of the user by compiling all the user’s attributes, transaction, data and deliver more personalized campaigns

Optimize strategy

Automate most of the marketing process which in turn saves a lot of money and time. This allows marketer to focus on strategies

dJAX Marketing Automation Software Highlights

  •  Customize, measure and optimize the marketing performance
  •  Effective aid for marketers in developing marketing strategies
  •  Save time and resources as the whole process becomes automated
  •  Development of marketing campaigns
  •  Analyse campaign and customer data
  •  Management of on-going marketing campaigns
  •  Appropriate customer data organisation and storage
  •  Better ROI for marketers on marketing campaigns

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