Data Management Platform

dJAX Data Management Platform(DMP), a unified platform that collect huge amount of data. The data can be a compilation of 1st party data, 2nd party data and 3rd party data. Data compiled is then segmented into a number of segments based on their specific attributes. Data can be stored on the user’s server, which acts as a host. The information is then effectively used to target audience across ad exchanges and ad networks.

dJAX Data Management Platform(DMP)

Services offered by dJAX

Bulid an Internal DMP

  • Tailor-made DMP for dJax Adservers.
  • Using the internal CRM and other tracking pixels first party data collection is done.
  • Collected data can be accurately processed and segmented.
  • Processed data is used for strategic ad serving purposes.
  • View, store and make use of real time statistical report data.

External DMP Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate with an external DMP.
  • Third party data is obtained, processed, and segmented.
  • The processed data is put into use to target audience.
  • View site and make use of real time statistical report data.
  • Customizable based on the users requirements.

dJAX DMP- What to expect?

DMP integrates with the ad networks, ad exchanges, Demand side platforms (DSP) and Supply side platforms (SSP). With the DMP, marketers are able to analyze the data and arrive at a baseline profile of the audience they want to target. Marketers also use the processed data to plan and automate their advertising. They can use the information to aid their cross platform advertising and make sure they get the most out of their campaign.

The process that takes part in the dJAX DMP is listed below

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Data transfer

DMP for advertisers

  • Audience intelligence: Based on the collected third party data, intended audience attributes can be targeted.
  • Prospecting: Integration with third-party audience data source to acquire anonymous data to achieve higher precision with targeting campaigns.
  • Retargeting: Customized re-targeting campaigns that can be implemented based on collected data on the user’s specific activities and behaviours. Effectively manage campaigns across different networks/exchanges/publishers.

DMP for publishers

  • Data security: Ensures the protection of data for publishers,so they can monitor any kind of potential data leakage.
  • Advanced analytics: Better understanding of the type of users data from DMP. Also, control data assets, monitors its usage and increases the CPM.
  • Easy integration: DMP would be able to ingest data securely from the publishers’ sites, affiliated partners and combine all data on a single and centralized platform.

DMP for Wordpress websites

Perfect data handling for Wordpress websites with dJAX DMP, immense amount of structured and unstructured data from the Wordpress websites are handled with advanced technology. Data obtained and analyzed are made use of to understand audience behavior in detail to deliver a unique experience for the user every single time they visit your Wordpress website. dJAX DMP is an imperative part in climbing the adtech ladder to become a leader. Engineered to deliver better results with a short span of time to leave an ever lasting impression in the audience mind.[Read More]

DMP for Joomla websites

Reach the right audience with technically advanced dJAX DMP in the digital landscape aimed to improve the performance of every Joomla website out there. Reaching the right audience with precise targeting and detailed reporting features, deliver a personalize experience for every visitor to your Joomal site leaving an everlasting impression about the Joomla site. Embedded with cutting edge technology dJAX DMP is a thing of future for progressive operation that can take hold of the complete adtech industry with best possible options for elevating the standard of delivery and audience experience. [Read More]

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