DMP for Joomla Websites

Reach the right audience with technically advanced dJAX DMP in the digital landscape aimed to improve the performance of every Joomla website out there. Reaching the right audience with precise targeting and detailed reporting features, deliver a personalize experience for every visitor to your Joomla site leaving an everlasting impression about the Joomla site. Embedded with cutting edge technology dJAX DMP is a thing of future for progressive operation that can take hold of the complete adtech industry with best possible options for elevating the standard of delivery and audience experience.

DMP for Joomla Site

Get a precise count and analysis about the visitors to your Joomla website the best DMP, understanding audience is an imperative part in delivering the perfect content to suit their need. DMP Manager is engineered by making use of the best and latest tracking technologies for delivering the best results for business growth. Precise and clear audience count including the new visitors to the site every day, also there are options to customize the results that are delivered. Know about the visitor on the site per hour, every day, and weekly or even on a monthly basis, precise results at every point for exceeding results in terms of revenue and efficiency for the Joomla website.

Advance Audience Insights using DMP Manager

Geo Location Tracking

Country, city and exact geographical location of the user on the site and unique visitor visiting the site can be obtained. Detailed report on location of the visitor for delivering precise content based on their location.

GDPR Complied

Privacy of user on the site is not obstructed at any place and is totally complied with the latest GDPR guide lines. Audience interest and segmentation is complied with the regulations and violation of privacy is not a part of the process at any stage.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation on many categories like Category, demographic, interest, age, gender and much more.

Export Audience Data

Export audience data in many formats such as TSV,XML, & CSV formats.

DMP Manager not only delivers the unique audience count but also deliver precise, detailed report on how much time is spent on the Joomla site by the user, page on which the user spent more time and also the navigation of the user in the site. All these features of DMP Manager makes it easier for the Joomla website to understand the audience better and deliver content according to their preference. Based on the audience interest that is received from the data you can help plan a content strategy which can increase audience engagement within the site. Identify the traffic sources of your site, plan and optimize for maximum conversions by adding content upgrades or targeted lead magnets.

Why do you need DMP Manager?
  • Website Audience – online tracking
  • Existing audience data import and analyse
  • Obtain data from any source, both online and offline sources.
  • Analyse and segment the audience data
  • Target audience with personalized content and offers based on their interest
  • Detect bot clicks without any hassle
  • Real-time Stats without delays.

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