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Blockchain has undeniably become the future trajectory of technology. dJax being a predominant front runner as always is ahead of the curve.We have crafted new ways to incorporate the concept of blockchain technology in the traditional businesses and solutions; we fulfill client needs with a revolutionary approach that makes what is already the better in the market, into the best one.

Blockchain consultant


  • dJax consultation services
  • Smart contract development
  • Blockchain integration
  • ICO consultation
  • ICO solutions


  • Scala, Solidity, C++, PHP and Java developers available for hire on an hourly basis
  • Recruit Blockchain consultants, expert analyst and tech support
  • Tech personnel available for hire on an hourly basis
  • Opportunities for Freelancers to contribute.
  • Expert analysts on request

For a multifaceted business environment; helping our clients become the best in their genre by providing expert consultation on smart business solution for the fast paced digital market environment.

Why choose us?

  •  dJAX offers top notch blockchain consultation services that are both efficient and dependable.
  •  We operate on a streamlined fashion through a fortified system and boast of dedicated departments and experts to assist and look after each phase of the project evolution from scratch to delivery.
  •  Clients can always be sure of the high quality in each phase of their project development.
  •  We understand the value of your time and employ the best in class methodology to time our projects. We believe in offering clients much more than we commit and at a quicker pace and an effective Turnaround time. You can rest assured of zero delays.
  •  We offer the best pricing policy in the industry. We make sure you obtain the most premium services at the most economical prices.
  •  In addition you get the most sophisticated services associated with the integration, working and support. So, we are you one stop for all blockchain and Scala solutions for all your needs.
  •  Keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology, we ensure that our clients possess a cutting edge over their competitors.

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