Mautic Project Development

Mautic framework - Stay ahead in market automation

With the futuristic mautic plugins it is now simple to build efficient, smarter marketing campaigns. Enhanced marketing automation that guarantees best results, marketing automation that is simple to use and quick to learn. dJAX offer expert marketing automation in every digital channel, which includes email, social media, SMS and can also provide insights by tracking and analysing web user activity allowing automated trigger events including mobile push notifications. Seamless integration with your website, CMS or e-commerce solution and provides intelligent support and ability to be more effective in every section of marketing.

Our marketing automation brings some serious much need marketing changes to the table by delivering consisting effective marketing and sales results. Also, with unlimited round the clock access to marketing actions and outcomes, it is easy and effective to make adjustments to the marketing strategy. Lead scoring function, a key point in our automation process. Prospective and existing clients interactions with web browsers are used for generating leads. The entire process is automated based on the lead score obtained by the individual user, when the score reaches a particular benchmark then it will trigger automatic trigger actions that end in buying depending upon the type of site. Lead scores aid sales team to narrow down the potential clients to target.

Mautic plugins automation for marketing is a perfect combination of detailed analysis and perfect use of technical advantages. Segments, lead scores, better insights, all in a single place delivering best marketing automation. This allows you to make a granular marketing strategy based on imperative aspects that drives the market. Some of the best marketing prospects include,

  • Social media integration.
  • Best report for leading sales teams.
  • Seamless integration with Wordpress, CMS and shopping cart solutions.
  • Automated actions, including emails, SMS and push notifications.
  • Lead scoring and segments offering better insights to target the right audience.

Expertise in Mautic automation

Best campaign execution for the entire team with state of the art automation. Simplified marketing automation that includes campaigns nurtured by email, personalized messages, and access to measure results. Simplified marketing automation for the entire team by eliminating dedicated personals to execute any campaigns and obtain results. Launch the best campaign in minutes allowing you to focus on imperative tasks that take you closer to greatness in the field.

dJAX offer the best automation along with simple integration that reduced the complexity of technological stack in the present marketing trend. Moreover, an expensive time-consuming process of deriving value from all the contrasting pieces is taken out of the equation and replaced with a more advanced approach. The perfect place, if you are looking to excel in the modern marketing operations. Unparallel use of data in all the aspects that maximizes communications with the audience in the best way possible. Additional enhancements are also provided that allows you to have full control over data and is flexible according to the business needs and changes.

An ideal way to deliver the best possible experience for your audience, there is no better way in than our marketing automation and that is a fact. Peerless flexibility in creating the simplest and most elaborate multi-channel campaigns. A creative and smarter approach, the best-suited one for the evolving technological landscape.

Highlights of dJAX marketing automation

There are some features that can exceed your exceptions in automation marketing. With advanced analysis and design, these features are developed to stay ahead in the technological marketing landscape that is evolving at a rapid pace.

  • Contact management
  • Email marketing
  • Automated campaigns with best website tracking tools
  • Lead scoring
  • Dynamic content with progressive profiling
  • Account-based marketing
  • Exceptional reporting attributes
  • Best in class third party integrations
  • Multi-channel communications at a better pace

With a number of exciting advanced features ranging from social media to SMS, it allows any use case to make the customer journey better and with seamless integration, things are at its best in dJAX mautic plugins. Required forms and web pages will be developed at a lightning pace that can support new or existing campaigns where everything is logged giving an edge to the lead scoring ability.

Mautic plugins and integration

dJAX offers top-notch Mautic enhancement and custom plugins that are both efficient and effective for marketing automation.  A wide range of free and paid plugins to choose from for each need. If you don’t find the plugin with the right recipe that fulfils your need; get your own plugin built from scratch. We operate on a streamlined fashion through a fortified system and boast of dedicated departments and experts to assist and look after each phase of the project evolution from scratch to delivery.

Utility plugin integration includes vital plugins that play a crucial role in handling digital responsibility. With CRM, CMS, Mail automation, Wordpress, it is efficient in every aspect of marketing automation. Mautic CMS and CRM integration plugin include the process of collecting details and information about each visitor to the website. Deep insights about visitors are offered and thereby adding great value to your business. With the aid of automatic connection to leads, improved efficiency is a witness with reduced time in connecting to the leads.

Third party integration includes a wide variety of plugins that can deliver better results in handling social media activities. This integration includes plugins to handle facebook custom ads, Facebook custom leads and also an effective bundle SMS plugin that provides a better option in all aspects of the operation. With effective third-party integration plugins, it is now simple and easier to get ahead in the mautic landscape. Woocommerce data bridge plugin integration acts as a bridge between woocommerce and the open source mautic open source automation system. Once the plugin is integrated then it creates a new lead whenever a new customer purchases in the woocommerce site. This provides a lead with each purchase.

Third-party integration for Mautic providing social media enhancement with Facebook ads, lead generation, Campaign monitor among other features. Advertisers also have access to SMS bundle functionalities and integration with e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce.

Available Mautic Plugins

  • Campaign monitor to mautic
     contact sync plugin
  • Custom SMS gateway integration
  • Elgg for mautic plugins
  • Facebook custom audiences
  • Facebook lead Ads
  • File upload in mautic forms
  • Gmail Integration with mautic
  • Infobip SMS bundle plugin
  • Invoice Ninja with Mautic
  • Lead Reporting Email with Mautic
  • Mautic Concrete5 CMS Integration
  • Mautic CRM Integration
  • Mautic Custom Tags Plugin
  • Mautic Email Automation for RSS Feed
  • Mautic Email Sent Webhook
  • Mautic ESN Plugin
  • Mautic Exotel SMS Plugin
  • Mautic Integration with MS Dynamics
  • Mautic Recaptcha Plugin
  • Mautic Twig Plugin Skeleton
  • Mautic Twitter Integration for Social Monitoring
  • Mautic White Labeler
  • Mautic WooCommerce Integration
  • Ninja Forms Plugin
  • OptinMonster Mautic Integration
  • Reply detection
  • Support for Mailgun via API
  • Third Set Mautic Timing Bundle Plugin
  • Twillio SMS UnSubscibe and Re-subscribe
  • Web Scraping for Lead Generation
  • Webhooks
  • WordPress Mautic form integrator
  • YouTube Logger Plugin for WordPress

Third Party Plugins

  • Custom SMS Gateway Integration
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Lead Generation and Management
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Payment Gateway integration

Compelling reasons to choose dJAX mautic plugins

  • Best marketing automation available with the latest trend and technology.
  • Cost effective enhancements with an efficient approach to deliver the right campaign.
  • On-demand custom work plug-ins.
  • Personalise and integrate digital properties to deliver seamless customer experience.
  • Deliver high performing campaigns and witness the best ever results.