IAB Compliance

IAB is an organization that helps define audience measurement standards for advertising. We are an active member of the IAB and are compliant with those standards.

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Ad Formats

Online Digital Advertising Ad Format

With the internet landscape ever changing with time, marketers are also evolving to meet the user needs from webpage. Every now and then a new form of advertising comes over and changes the industry. Here are some of the most common ad formats

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Ad Tech Buzz Words

Top 10 buzz in the Ad tech world

In recent decades these words have had a pivotal role to play in contributing to the world of Ad serving. Off-late there have been breakthrough solutions in the Ad serving technologies. But anyone who say they are into Ad serving should have notices the buzz and most searched terms in Ad serving on public web search engines

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Data Management Platform- a ‘must have’ for every marketer

Data is one of the most important assets to any company or an individual. As marketing is slowly and gradually transitioning into the digital realm; marketers need to stay ahead of their peers in all aspects. Data being a core element provides a head start to marketers if it is collected, maintained and utilized in an effective manner.

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Blockchain in Digital Advertising

When Blockchain meets Digital Advertising

Everyone has been buzzing about how blockchain is the next big thing since the rise of internet itself. It has paved way into most daily tech and continues to tread in unchartered paths. With a number of attributes that make it harder to resist, blockchain is proving to be worthy of its hype.

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