What Is Internet of Things (IoT)? – A Beginner’s Guide

There’s a lot of talk going on these days about IoT (Internet of Things) and its effect on our day-to-day lives from the way we do our shopping and how we travel to how people run their businesses. But what exactly is IoT and how does it work? Let’s dig deeper into it.

Internet of Things

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things comprises of all web enabled devices and the internet services that facilitate interaction and communication within these elements. In simple words, this is an intricate network of items connected with one another. This network gathers and shares information and data.

The list of elements referred to as Internet of Things include smart lights, robot cleaners, self-driving cars, computers, and smart sensors, to name a few.

How does IoT work?

Devices that have in-built sensors link to the IoT platforms that incorporate data and information from various generally used devices. Then effective analytics are used to share helpful data to settle specific requirements. IoT programs can differentiate between useful data and data that can be neglected. Later, those data can be put to use to recognize patterns, provide suggestions and detect issues even before they occur.

For example, if you’re handling an automobile business, you might want to point out the essential and optional parts.

Based on the findings and analytics provided, one can effortlessly make the operations much more effective. In addition to that, smart objects and devices can help you automate some procedures that are routine, time-consuming and boring by nature. Following are a couple of real life instances.

Use of IoT at your Home

Let’s say you wake up every morning at 6.30 am to go to work and you use the help of an alarm clock to wake up at the right time. This works fine until something unexpected occurs, like, your train getting cancelled. Now, you have to drive to your office but you’re late already. Meanwhile rain starts pouring in as icing on the cake.

Now, if you’re using an IoT powered alarm clock, it will reset your alarm settings automatically calculating these circumstances and even would suggest the best route to your office to reach quickly.

Use of IoT in your Car

Once after waking up to the alarm, you can simply drive to your office. Imagine what you would do if you’re having trouble starting your car or one of the tires got punctured. If you have an IoT powered car, the sensors inside it will work together to gather and share crucial information about your car status to the car manufacturer. The manufacturer, using this data, can assist you in getting your car fixed in prior to the incident or help you reach the nearest service center.

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