Google Display and Video 360 API

Manage programmatic campaigns across display, television, video and audio with the advanced API that has access to all the features and modules of Google DV 360. A unified reporting hub through API connectivity. Access and integrate all the data along with extensive reports and metrics based on business requirements. Metrics and reports obtained and delivered to dashboard with dJAX customizable API reporting feature. With advanced features the API can be integrated with a custom built user interface of the client’s choice. This eliminates the burden on advertisers and agencies from having to perform manual; recurring tasks and enables campaign managers to always keep an eye on the latest performance. Data can be sent to any BI-tool or data studio for data visualization. API stands for Application Programming Interface and enables applications, to retrieve advertising data from Google Display & Video 360 on a regular basis.

Access all Modules through API

  • DV360 API by dJAX is loaded with a ton of features, making it easier for advertisers, agencies and Adtech industries looking to enhance campaign performance.
  • The API makes it easier to plan, build and manage programmatic campaigns; also it offers seamless integration with other Google tools out in the market, therefore campaigns can benefit from cross-channel insights, as well as being able to target audience straight away.
  • DV360 API offered by dJAX has access to all the modules available, allowing users to take total control over, everything from creatives to inventory for a single API.
  • User can design and build own user interface, and we provide API access through that user interface. This can be used by agencies and trade desks for handling custom requests for multiple clients.
Google DV 360

  • - Media Strategy
  • - Forecasting campaign reach
  • - Automated Bidding
  • - Data Solutions – Enterprise

  • - Media Strategy
  • - Forecasting campaign reach
  • - Automated Bidding
  • - Data Solutions – Enterprise

  • - Prevention & Reporting
  • - Viewability & Verification
  • - Reach Measurement
  • - Sequential Messaging
  • - Third-party Measurement Integration
  • - Marketplace
  • - Programmatic
  • - Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • - Advanced TV
  • - Identify & Manage
  • - Audience Group
  • - Reach Audience at Scale

DV360 API by dJAX -Real-time use cases

Bids and budgets

Bids and Budgets

Identify and reach the reports of insertion order that is driving better engagement. The use and adoption of DV360 API within bids and budgets allows efficiency in terms of cost, management and innovation. This allows the user to consider bidding higher or adding more budget to campaigns that has better engagement among the audience. Optimizing bids and budgets are highly effective when relying on conversions is not the best option. Because conversion of a new campaign will be null or while analyzing a brand campaign.

Targeting - Site & Exchange

Targeting - Site & Exchange

Optimization of Site and Exchange targeting, site comparison based on engagement. Reports on engagement driven by all exchanges or sites assists in identifying the sites and exchanges that are driving a large number of Click-through or View-through sessions but very low engagement on site. Exclude or reduce budget/bids in Display & Video 360 through API for low performing sites and exchanges.

Reports on Creatives

Reports on Creatives

Use the Creatives report to compare site engagement driven by all of your creatives. Optimize Display & Video 360 creatives by increasing usage or creating new variations of those creatives that drive higher site engagement.

Why Choose DV360 API by dJAX

  • Automated Bidding & Optimization
  • Redundancy Removal
  • Bidding strategies
  • Targeting Options
  • Data Addition
  • Access to Advance Metrics
  • Advance Data Segments
  • Precise and Quality Reports

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