Google Data Studio Connector

Integrate numerous data sources in the industry and obtain precise reports, better insights, and visualize data through Google Data Studio connector designed and developed by dJAX. Ideal for identifying every detail related to handling data. dJAX connector makes it simple and effective in accessing all data directly from the ad accounts and Google Analytics that have been connected with dJAX Connector is available, and it is combined with same dimensions. Data Integration for Data Studio, the connector offered by dJAX paves one of the easiest ways for integrating imperative data from all the sources. The setting up process is simple and effective making the data handling easier. The ease of integration makes data invaluable in the data-driven ecosystem.

Get all the imperative data directly into Google Data Studio with a single efficient connector. How to do it?

  • A new Data Source; Select Google Data Studio as a passive destination in dJAX data connection.
  • Add & authorize; with the login credentials establish a connection with Google Data Studio.
  • Visualize data; Data will be available automatically- options to chance scheduling preference.
Google BigQuery

dJAX Data studio Connector – Features

Integrate Adtech Platform

Integrate Adtech Platform

Integrate with all advertising platforms; easily get all the data that is required into Google Data Studio dashboard. Out of the box integrations to over 200 advertising platforms. Designed and developed to add any ad platform that is not yet supported.

Connector combined insights

Connector Combined Insights

Integrated with more data sources than all the other connectors combined. Get all advertising data through a single connector - save you time and improve focus on analyzing the data instead of configuring and maintaining several connectors with different export rules and data models.

Update data pushing

Update Data Pushing

Forget about manually pushing data to Data Studio. dJAX saves you time and effort by automatically pushing data to Google Data Studio and keeping dashboards up to date.

Integrate Data from Multiple sources

Integrate Data From Multiple Sources

Combine data from multiple platforms into a single table or chart. When connecting a data source for each individual platform in Data Studio, you’re unable to use multiple data sources in the same widget. Since dJAX Connector connects to all platforms under a single data source, this becomes possible.

Custom data grouping

Custom Data Grouping

A great way to make meaningful groups of data, instead of reporting on Google Analytics data separately. Create simple rules to combine this with platform data. Group data from multiple ad platforms such as all social campaigns. This data can then be displayed in Data Studio in a single widget.

Custom Metrics

Custom Metrics

All valid metrics will be sent automatically to Data Studio. Define custom metrics in prior to exporting to Data Studio. Calculating ROI or adding agency fees to marketing cost has never been simpler.

Data Studio Connector by dJAX

  • - Campaign Manager
  • - Analytics
  • - Dynamic, Secure Data Connections
  • - Google BigQuery
  • - Google Sheets
  • - Calculated Metrics
  • - Advance Analysis
  • - Operational Assistance

  • - Data Control
  • - Customization
  • - Dynamic Controls
  • - Visualizations
  • - Shapes and Images
  • - Data Sharing
  • - Real-Time Collaboration

  • - User Administration
  • - Easy-To-Use Web Interface
  • - Report Templates

Reasons To Choose dJAX Connector

Integrate Adtech Platform

Reports and Insights

Create holistic reports and get meaningful insights. Connect cross-channel campaign data for deeper insights into marketing and sales performance. Stop logging into different platforms and manually crunching data.

Data integration

Data Integration

Automated data integration, powerful transformation engine, for all sources. Uncover powerful new insights into their marketing performance.

Centralized data hub

Centralized Data Hub

Centralized data creates a single source of truth for the entire organization.

Quality data

Quality Data

Cleaned, imperative data - instantly ready for analytics. Quality monitoring ensures no more errors.

Better Productivity

Better Productivity

No more manual data wrangling, less demand on your teams. This will skyrocket your productivity.

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