Google Analytics 360 API

Advanced API for Google Analytics 360, engineered by dJAX to bring together enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, audience management and attribution into an extensive reporting solution for business needs. Enhance operational performance and obtain guaranteed results with extensive reach to GA360 and its modules. Data obtained from the analytics can be integrated, segmented, profiled and normalized; enabling advanced analysis of data from various streams, and this increases the quality of data to the next level. Ideal API to improve marketing performance which will assist in indentifying in-depth insights for efficient operation. GA360 API by dJAX assists enterprise and SMEs in clearly understanding complex customer journey with a focus on generating actionable insights that directly impacts the top and bottom layer of sales funnel.

Our API is designed to extract, clean and harmonize data connecting to Google Analytics. We’re able to run such queries for dimensions and metrics that are relevant to business from Core Reporting API. Users can easily customize queries and automate report generation. Moreover, our API allows you to combine data from different channels and improve the quality of marketing data. Get the freshest insights about products, events, and services. Know what matters most to customers.

  • Default schema available: no more manual work or uploads.
  • Fully supported integration: all metrics can be integrated.
  • Saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Easily access data from various sources in one single hub.
  • Connect search dimensions metrics with other omnichannel events.
Google Analyics 360

GA 360 API by dJAX- Services

  • Data Import in Query Time: GA 360 API abets reports with previous data, historical data, to update and formulate precise reports with a new and fresh data as and when it is available.
  • Custom Funnels: Along with the creation of 200 Custom Dimensions and Metrics, GA 360 API has access to opportunity for building custom funnels based on arbitrary rules to track specific KPIs.
  • Quick Data Update: Data to web interface is available in a quick pace, approximately 12 times faster. GA 360 API offered by dJAX assist businesses in taking decisions based on up-to-date reports and calculated parameters.
  • Data-Driven Attribution: Accurate estimation of every individual traffic source depending upon the impact it creates on audience behaviour but not only based on its position.
  • Effective Sampling Limit: Gain actionable insight from the sample data through API developed by experts. GA 360 API uses 50 times more user sessions when compared with the previous version.

Advance Features- Access Through API

  • - Custom Funnels
  • - Advanced Analysis
  • - Segmentation
  • - Filtering & Manipulation
  • - Data Access
  • - Funnel Analysis
  • - Proactive insights
  • - Conversion Modelling

  • - Anomaly Detection
  • - Predictive Analysis
  • - Remote Configuration
  • - Demographics

  • - Audience Reports
  • - Data Freshness
  • - Advertising Reports
  • - Acquisition Reports
  • - Behaviour Report
  • - Conversion Report
  • - Real-time reports
  • - User Flow Reports
  • - Un-sampled Reports
  • - Roll-up reporting
  • - Google BigQuery Export
  • - Custom Tables
  • - User Access Control
  • - Data Import
  • - Custom Variables
  • - Tag Management
  • - API Configuration

  • - DV360
  • - Data Studio
  • - Google Search Console
  • - Google Ad Manager
  • - Google Cloud
  • - Optimize 360
  • - Search Ads 360

GA 360 API by dJAX – Features

Better marketing ROI

Better Marketing ROI

Taking data-driven marketing decisions are now perfect and easier to make. GA 360 API by dJAX designed by experts is ideal for drawing insights from data; listen to data for expert decisions.

Best marketing analytics

Best Marketing Analytics

Obtain actionable insights that ensure a quality apart brand experience for users. Identify and understand your best audience, execute relevant marketing strategies which serve for niche audience segment.

Increased conversions

Increased Conversions

Google’s intelligence and machine learning blends with our insight gathering skills to let you pick out conversion skewed customers. Implement data driven audience targeting for campaigns to elevate performance.

Access Real-time data

Access Real-Time Data

With GA 360 API gain access to real-time data in analytics 360. Updated and fresh snapshots of running campaigns every ten minutes. Insights that lets you to monitor critical metrics within minutes of unexpected deviations.

Understand user journey

Understand User Journey

Evaluate compete user journey with GV 360 API from dJAX, measure performance using advance metrics and reports across both online and offline channels

Reporting & Configuration APIs Support

  • Core Reporting API: Customized reports of metrics and dimensions through Queries.
  • Embed API: Create and embed advanced dashboards on third-party websites in a matter of minutes.
  • Real-Time Reporting API: Precise Reports on happening activity occurring at every instant.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API: Query the traffic source paths that lead to user’s goal conversion.
  • User Deletion API: Access to delete data in Google Analytics property associated with a user identifier.
  • Metadata API: Access to the list of API dimensions, metrics and their attributes.
  • Management API: View and manage all the accounts, properties, views, filters, uploads, permissions, etc

Reasons To Choose dJAX

  • Get the Whole Picture: Understand how website and application users are engaging with the site and content. Know what’s working and what is not. Robust reports through your own dashboard.
  • Access to Insights Only Google Can give: Unique machine learning capabilities to discover new insights from data. Query and manage multiple properties or websites at once. Merge Google Analytics data with other data sources.
  • Connect Insights with Results: In-depth knowledge about customer engagement for advertisers and publishers. Automate dashboard and report creation. Simplify the process of data extraction, integration, and visualization. Produce a holistic view of customer experience.
  • Make Data Work: Quick data analysis and sharable reports with accurate data across sites and apps while fully under control.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it possible for one program to communicate and interact with another. In the case of digital marketing, APIs are here to help save you time, money and human resources.

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