Amazon Advertising API

Amazon Advertising API offered by dJAX is a great tool in assisting the users who are using the existing retail infrastructure to create personalized web stores. The API by dJAX is equipped with options to optimize operational performance, a place where sellers can get their product(s) in front of relevant visitors based on keywords, products and shopper interests. An API with total marketing intelligence that is capable of coordinating and transforming sponsored brands or products data from the Amazon Advertising. Gain better insights by combining data from different sources. Explore new correlations and develop new insights from your e-commerce activities and operations. Amazon Advertising API by dJAX helps sellers also monetize apps and games, with its In-App Purchasing API and Mobile Ads API allows sellers to monetize apps and games through in-app advertising options.

Amazon Advertising API

Amazon Advertising API by dJAX – Highlights

The API is designed after a detailed analysis of the digital industry and the businesses that corresponds to it. An ideal API designed to access all the advanced options available for the betterment of campaign and its performance. Analyze business needs and make sure that perfect advertising strategy is implemented accordingly.

The API offers additional features to enhance operation, the advanced features are based on data that have show improvement by using these features; Detailed product descriptions, specifications, and barcodes, Product demand levels, Shipping and tax expenses, Projected profit margins, Competition from other sellers.

dJAX API is useful not only as an advertising API but also to help your business make better decisions regarding choosing products to sell online and the best prices to maximize profitability. Taking insights gathered from reports on user behaviour will allow you to generate valuable audiences for advertising. These reports will also allow product-type catering as well.

A clear understanding of business requirements leads to perfect use of the API, access campaigns and metrics in real-time with single dashboard that can be customized based on the requirement. The campaigns are designed with the backing of invaluable audience data that makes the delivery of creative to the intended audience.

The actual API work does not end with just creating the ads and making them live. In fact, the actual hard work begins after the ads have been made live. Making beneficial and effective Amazon ads is one task and then managing them after they have been made live is another chore that require lots of expertise and knowledge about the technicalities. dJAX API for Amazon Advertising is proficient in making outstanding ad campaigns and then using them to bring in maximum benefits to trade.

Gain access to timely reports, so that all the details about the progress of campaigns are available for better next campaign. Reports include information about several aspects such as baseline of data for this time of the year, goal of the campaign, baseline of data before this time frame, determining whether the performance is going down, up or staying neutral; and other general learning and takeaways that give additional details about the progress of the creative.

dJAX API Supports

The Advanced API Offered by dJAX Supports:

  • Campaign management and reporting data for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
  • OAuth 2.0 flow to authorize a client to act on behalf of an advertiser, with semi-customizable sign-in experience.
  • Synchronous batch and single-entity CRUD operations for managing campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads.
  • Campaigns support daily budgets, start dates, and end dates.
  • Ad groups support with default CPC bids. Note: For vendors there is a restriction of a single ad group per campaign.
  • Keywords support standard match types (phrase, broad, exact), negatives match types (phrase, exact) at both an ad group and campaign level, and optional CPC bids.
  • Automatic targeting as an alternative to manual keyword targeting
  • Asynchronous single-day performance reports, including impressions, clicks, cost, conversions, and attributed sales for each entity.
  • Asynchronous entity snapshots as a quick way to synchronize complete account state.
  • Reporting functionality to allow users to download reports for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns with different levels of granularity.
  • Ads management functionality to allow users to create and update Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns, ad groups, portfolios.

Features – Amazon Advertising API by dJAX

Set up a script on website that’s triggered every time a baking tool is mentioned. Once the appropriate keywords are mentioned on site, all you have to do is call the search API.The call API contains the following; Specify the Amazon store in which to search for the product. Even though Product Advertising requests can be to any locale or marketplace where the user is registered as an Amazon Associate, it makes sense to send it to the marketplace where the majority of customers reside.

  • Keywords: This denotes the product keywords you are looking for.
  • Operation: What the API is planning to do. For example, find ItemSearch. There are several other operations, as well like adding to a shopping cart, BrowseNodeLookup and so on.
  • Associate Tag: All Amazon Associates have a unique tag. Users who go from any particular site to Amazon will have this tag. API uses this tag to recognise the traffic that comes from site/blog/app and pays you your commission accordingly.
  • Response Group: Refers to the details that are to be fetched about specific products.
  • Search Index: Specifies the category under which you want to search for products. This helps to filter out irrelevant results.
  • Timestamp: Mentions time the API is initiated.
  • Signature: Hash key received by the user when the request for API is initiated. This key is used for validation purposes.

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