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Pioneer in Ad serving technology, dJAX delivers advanced products and solutions to amplify operational performance in Adtech ecosystem. Adtech experts trusted by publishers, marketers and networks for driving performance into programmatic advertising. Wide range products and solutions are embedded Seamless integration, enhanced campaign management, precise reporting, improved ROI and advanced tracking options. Also, dJAX provides advanced data management platform with a combination of artificial intelligence and state of the art technology. A global data marketplace, an ideal choice for publishers, marketers and agencies looking for accurate, flexible, scalable and cost-effective data. Expertise in technology and innovation along with excellent support has made dJAX as a leader in the digital space.

Center of Excellence

Ad Servers

State of the art, ready to install and customizable ad server solutions for mobile, video, native, display and affiliate platform


Expertise in enterprise blockchain projects, cryptocurrency and ICO providing end to end solution, consulting and support

Data Management

dJAX DMP along with seamless integration with external DMP, Ad network, SSP or DSP providing advanced segmentation of data


On-demand paid expert consulting and intervention in Ad serving, Blockchain, AWS, Bug fixing, integration and much more

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